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The Cat Network is a non-profit, cat rescue group based in St. Louis, Missouri. We save abandoned, abused, stray and shelter cats. After their rescue, the cats and kittens are medically treated, tested, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped for identification should they ever become lost. Cats are kept in foster care until they can be placed in loving, permanent homes. Those adopting from us receive detailed medical records, personality profiles, and an assurance of quality care and good health. 

Cat Network members are ALL VOLUNTEER. Every tax-deductible penny you donate to the Cat Network goes directly to our feline friends. No one in the organization is paid or compensated from any income received.


We remove our cats from bad situations and give them the care and attention they deserve. Almost all of our cats and kittens have been rescued from traditional shelters where they were slated to be euthanized. We also accept pets from individuals who can no longer care for the animal, provided they contribute to costs of medical testing and health/general care. Since 1991 we have placed over 2000 cats and kittens!  We are a no-kill, life-enhancing group, committed to our cats being secure and happy throughout their lives. 

In 2008,  we rescued over cats and kittensthat were abused, stray or abandoned, and found homes for the cats. We also rescued 70 cats from traditional shelters. We found loving homes for 193 cats. Six cats were euthanized because their quality of life was poor and could not be improved. We had 13 cats in the Pawtner Program - cats being partially supported by caring "Pawtners" who make monthly or yearly donations towards the care of these special needs kitties. We also support permanent foster cats which are not adoptable due to health issues or behavior problems. As a no-kill rescue group, these cats will live out their lives in caring foster homes, guaranteeing a good quality of life.


  • John Bild, President
  • Anita Contreras Ward, Treasurer
  • Kristi Hill, Secretary
  • Deb Crouse-Cobb
  • Deb Schmied
  • William Stehnach Jr. D.V.M.


You may obtain a copy of Cat Network's current 990-EZ form by written request to The Cat Network, PO Box 318, St. Louis MO 63025 or by emailing your request to: info@catnetwork.org.


The Cat Network is aware of our supporters' concerns regarding the possible unauthorized use of their email addresses, postal addresses and other personal information you have provided to The Cat Network. We respect your privacy and will do everything possible to protect this information. We will not sell, rent, loan or share with a third party any identifiable information  we have received  from you. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security to be used only for internal purposes. This information will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. We use your name and address information to send out our semi-annual newsletter. If you prefer not to receive our newsletter, you may send an email stating your preference (include your name and address) to:  info@catnetwork.org and your name will be removed from our mail list.



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